The First Post

This is my first post. 

This blog is being set up for a variety of reasons.  First, I wish to have a place to showcase some of my writing which includes fiction, poetry, research, and just stuff right off the top of my head.  So, you will find a variety of topics here that are important to me and I hope will be entertaining to you as a reader.  Secondly, I have become very political lately and needed a place to express my views.

I think it is important to note by everyone who may come to read my writing that I am a very strong Reagan conservative who leans towards being a Libertarian.  I believe in small government, less governmental spending, less government intrusion, fewer government departments, less taxation, and the absolute right to carry arms. 

I strongly believe our federal government no longer operates under the Constitutional guidelines as established by the founders of our nation.  I believe our federal government is no longer valid under those guidelines and we the people need to restore our government to the position of being of the people and not what it is today.

I also think we need voices, many voices today raising up louder and louder each day if we are going to retain ownership of our freedoms and those of our future generations.  So, my voice is now added to those who also have chosen to be heard. 

My hope is that you will join me in this fight for we are at war not only with those outside our country who wish to destroy our freedoms but more importantly with those within our country who are far more deadly, deceptive and corrosive to our way of life than any enemy our country has ever faced before.

So, tally-ho cried the huntsman to his dogs and set them off to chase the fox.  The huntsman is our signal to act, the dogs are the words that will carry us forward together and, if not, then we shall all be lost in the forest, and our steeds are our individual rights to be who we freely are by Constitutional Authority.  Let’s ride my friends and see where chance and circumstance may lead us all!

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