Subscriptions: Last call from the email list.

This is post number six and a major change will now occur. I have a substantial mailing list made up of a lot of friends, business relationships, relatives, and others whom I generally bombard with emails on a regular basis. LOL

This is due to the fact that I am very concerned about the path our country is taking. But, I am equally concerned about the relationships I have formed over the years.

You see I send a lot of emails out and rarely ever hear from anyone on the list, so, is anyone reading or am I just being a pest and then being deleted? Its fine if you wish to delete my messages but why do that if you don’t want to receive them in the first place? That is just plain nuts.

So, because this is the sixth post at this juncture I will no longer send blog updates to anyone on the list. Now, as President Zero likes to say…Let me be perfectly clear, those subscribed will have access to updates, those not subscribed will no longer receive any posts after this post, nor will they receive any personal emails of political nature.

I simply do not wish to waste anyones time or cause irritation to those who don’t wish to receive any posts. I think that this action is the only correct thing to do. And, please understand, I am not upset with anyone who has not subscribed. Why should I be? If I’m not interested in receiving something from a site then I delete the link to the site, so why should anyone be subjected to my sometimes questionable wandering thoughts if they aren’t interested?

So, with this post I will cut the links to the email lists I have been using as an introduction to the blog site. That means that if you wish to be connected to the blog you will have to subscribe and, of course, you can always unsubscribe at any time you so desire. I hope everyone understands and that no one misunderstands. I remain your friend regardless of whether or not you choose to be a subscriber or someone I can harrass on a frequent basis…..Best Regards to All:  Gordon 

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