The Mistreatment of Our Armed Forces

Once again our military is being used by corrupt, irresponsible politicians for political purposes without consideration of the consequences reaped by the men and women of our armed forces who selflessly serve this nation to protect and defend our freedoms while their lives are being used as toys. Once again our military personnel are placed at the mercy of the enemy without being given the right to properly defend themselves all because those in Congress and a weak, arrogant, and worthless Presidency are more concerned about how our enemies will perceive them (not us) to be than worrying about the safety of our military personnel.  Our politicians are so greatly fearful that someone overseas or in this country may dislike them that our troops die.  We have a weak and arrogant President who doubtless would know the difference between a jeep and a tank surrounded by a socialist network of worthless thumb-sucking imbeciles who all lack the understanding, the ability, the conscience, or the intestinal fortitude to do what is right but would rather destroy this country, its traditions, its economic stability and its military to promote themselves. 

We need a nation of people to rise up and confront the politicians who no longer serve us but their own pocket books and their own worthless egos and toss them and their supporters into the streets. 

We need term limits and we need to return this nation to being One Nation Under God and to hell with the hypocrites, the fancies, the liars, and the do-nothings that might get in the way. 

We need to return the Constitution of the United States to that which determines what those holding office in Washington, D.C. can and cannot do, and we need to restore the rights of the States of America as granted by that document which those elected all took an oath to defend but few know anything about. 

We need to get rid of career politicians.  The words career and politician should never be used together.  

We need fewer attorneys in this country and ninety percent less in government. 

And most importantly we need to take back our government and force those elected to adhere to the standard that they are our employee and not royalty.  If we as a nation of people do not stand together to stop what is going on in the federal government then we as a nation are doomed. 

We currently have four Navy Seals who are up for court martial because a terrorist, a murderer, a man who tortured, set fire to and drug through the streets four of our citizens had a bloodly lip indicating that one of our military might have struck this piece of human filth in the mouth. Better the Seals should have simply shot the bastard on the spot where they found him and left his corpse to rot.

We have a President and a Congress who prefer to further bankrupt New York by spending incredible sums of money to have a show trial for the terrorists held at Gitmo. Not only that, but the sensitive security records of our military and intelligence operations will now be opened to the world. Why not? We have a President who attended a church where the moto was “God Damn America” and a wife who was never proud of this country until her husband ran for president.

The whole thing sickens me. We have men and women who cannot defend themselves when attacked because there might be a possibility that civilians are present who might get hurt. If civilians are present they need to learn how to duck. They need to turn the bad guys over to our military and we need to impeach this president and toss him and his staff out of office and fire every man and woman in Congress starting with sour puss Reid and Botox Pelosi.

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