The Catch of the Year

I would have to agree with the comments below referring to Idaho…Subject: SOUTH FORK OF THE SNAKE RIVERSome of the reasons Idaho is awesome…

Scott Nelson and his Sons were fishing Saturday when this small Whitetail fawn approached them on the South fork of the Snake River. It must have spent the summer bumming from campers or maybe one of the home owners in the lower canyon was feeding it so it lost its fear of humans. This is without question the Catch of the year.

Gordon Kuhn
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  1. […] Sometimes wild animals can be friendly April 7, 2010 Posted by alicelegend in Science and life. trackback This is very nice to see. You love nature? These photos do not show something you see often around here. Scott Nelson and his son were fishing when a small white-tailed fawn has approached on the South fork of the Snake River. He had to spend the summer campers to attend or maybe one of the residents fed. That is why it has lost its fear of humans. However it is not recommendable for children to get to close to the wild animals without an adult assistance even if the animals are small and look friendly because their behavior can be unforeseeable. More details here: […]


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