The Hastening of the Bell




1ST DRAFT 2/18/2010 4 AM

I cannot tell how long it’s been since the wind blew out the light

but come with me and perhaps we can cast out the horror of the night

when mankind chose to walk a bitter sandy strand of land

come walk with me and pray take my trembling hand

in yours and perhaps we shall slay what must be slain

for out of consciousness and with complete disdain

but, wait, sure I heard the hastening of the bell

when in this place I found a private imposed hell

for barely have I reached the age of twenty

yet seen the untimely deaths of more than plenty

of those who thought I saw there but could I mistaken be

perhaps no vision do I see

but what of you my silent friend

can you detect, nay smell the evil in the end

which blows this way upon the wind

come and bridle up and stay with me

would I could I’d pay the desperate fee

and bring morning out this day I would surely break

but gentle person I could not alone or even able take

the fear from your eyes—nay, I see now, my eyes I see in your mirror held

there for you I see are really me and all this time I was but felled

by your mistaken, nay kind soul —by my, by my lost awareness

and thought you separate but now in harmony’s sweet fairness

I find that I am alone and stand transfixed—transfixed, alone, it was just me

who wished to somehow from tangled vines of memories threads be set free

and in this darkness I understand too well now that it was me who blew out the light

that it was me who cast myself without the house and on the grounds this bastard night

so who shall count the minutes with me till morning break

as I un-slip the blade from leather bound sheath upon my side and take

the stand to self defend and feigning fearlessness I hear the heart within beating

beating so very loudly as though it were but hurried and in such time of keeping

wished to vacate this place of woe

but shall I tortured unable go

for lost in grief and guilt I am

who better to judge myself — if a man I truly am.

Copy write: Gordon L Kuhn

Gordon Kuhn
“The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government” Thomas Jefferson

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