The Boy of Three Feet Tall

The Boy of Three Feet Tall
Gordon Kuhn

Three witches did I then at eight perceive
that crouched in darkness to dare deceive
and camouflaged they were to simply all
save one, but I was too young too small
and not one did listen to my voice
which was, of course, their adult choice
who should listen to the sighted child
who spoke in tones so dangerously mild
but that could not bother or break the sound of those so much older
two worlds seen and felt did not help the child grow bolder
for fear and confusion were the answering shot
of adults who by the very anxious lot
of them feared what they could not see or understand
so refused to listen, held up their single solitary hand
to protect from the child of eight for as one they were in darkness spent
the witches smiled and toiling harder lent
a blanket shadow that crossed and covered all
except the boy of three feet tall.

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