Her Name Was Gina



Gordon Kuhn

Her name was Gina,

her young life held no patina

no glossy finish there

no one stopped to stare

she was simply plain

without any permanent stain

not yet, not yet

but in her mind her gift was set

and shed herself upon the beach

a drunk friend she found upon to leach

a love not sanctioned, blessed, in darkness toiled

and in eagerness she then was soiled

and spoke later boldly, sadly of her quick conquest

to older friends who shocked were at her confession

saddened they were for love was her lost possession

but others knew it was not the best

for her to have taken such a lover there

in darkness no love was for them to share

just greed, hunger, she was then set free

but free she found was not to be

for hunger grew and her conscious moral fiber she slew

and sought another who also could not be true

but, oh God, she loved him so

and in the dark she left common sense go

to follow his drunken path to his home

and there did find him all alone

to crawl within his sheets, to love, to cry

then leave him with an anguished sigh

for knowledge sought was not attained

she didn’t understand nothing good was gained

in her hungry quest she did her absolute frantic driven best

in sadness, exhausted, unfulfilled she finally left the warm soft nest

in tears, she left empty within even though she had done her best

done her very best, sought love but found she’d failed the test

for her lack of understanding left her naked, her soul was bare

and in the morning she stood at her mirror to sadly stare

and knew then her ragged hungry error

but did not know the lonely years would pass and she grew and became much fairer

as I and others prayed she would

as I and others stood watch and knew she could.

Copywrite by Gordon Kuhn 3/8/2010

Gordon Kuhn
“The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government” Thomas Jefferson

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