President Flag Desecration Barack Hussein Obama

President Flag Desecration Barack Hussein Obama today has issued orders to our troops and other American groups providing assistance to the Haitians in Haiti to pull down the American flag because he doesn’t wish to irritate other countries.This jerk will not wear a flag lapel pin and has not since 911 because he thinks it reflects too much patriotism.

He has refused two flyovers where patriotism was the primary issue and blamed it on religion. Yet those flyovers have been going on for over twenty years at both of those events and approved by every president before him.He gives the crotch salute at every ceremony where others are placing their hands over their hearts.You have to understand that we have a president who hates this country. He hates its past. He hates its military. And he hates capitalism. He will do all he can to bring this country down and force it to become a third world country. He is a 1st class Chicago bred liar and will do all he can to destroy our constitution which he despises.

He is a Marxist. He readily admits that his chosen friends in college were Marxists. He has openly called himself a progressive. Progressive is just another word for socialism.This is a man who hung the Venezuela flag in his campaign headquarters and is best buddies with Chavez.  And Chavez remarked that Obama is further left that he personally is.  Further left than  Chavez????  We have a president further left than Chavez? 

You and I are the only things standing in his way. You and I and a lot of proud Americans can defeat his wishes. But we have to stand up to him. He is a Chicago bully who stated in one speech that if you were against his plans he would “call you out” that is Chicago school boy bully talk.

It’s time America, if you want to have an America left in a few years we need to stop this man now.

Best wishes for a good day and a better tomorrow.

Gordon Kuhn
“The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government” Thomas Jefferson

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