I’m Glad You Are the Way You Are.

Father, I sat beside your bed that day

a chance that I might somehow say

something to make you proud of me

something which would set me free

of bonds I thought were mine

that somehow I had set in time

not knowing how or why I’d done some crime

and rejected by the family tree

why did you all do this to me

why did you allow this to happen to me

and you looked up at me that day

and shook my hand off from the clasp that I had set

while held your hand in mine and yet

you pushed it aside

a part of me had already died

you could not kill more

there was nothing left in store

you’d all taken it over the years

there simply were no more tears

that I was able or cared to shed

even though I knew you soon would be dead

you never once acknowledged me as being worthy

you all allowed me to feel so God damned dirty

and the final words you said to me were set

in concrete so I could never ever forget

“I’m glad you are the way you are.”

No, you knew me not, you were always too far

from me to know what I was or was to be

the person who sat and tried to hold your hand you could not see

not you, nor your God damned sister, mother, father could never see

“I’m glad you are the way you are.”

How high did you set the God damned bar?

A child born of thy seed to thee?

I now demand you set me free.

You never ever knew me.

No, my mind is changed and this day I choose to set myself free

Free from the God damned family tree

from from it and free from thee.

Copyright Gordon Kuhn 2010

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