We are Neda comments

These are the comments posted by the Iranian woman who if you visited her site you would see she is hiding behind a green scarf.

 A friend of mine thought she was being supportive of this person giving hope for freedom, but now the curtain rises on the true person behind the scarf.WeAre Neda has made the following comments and so I think we find below much more than someone who wishes to embrace freedom. 

I think we  find a person very confused and one who hates the United States.  See her confused remarks below.  She also doesn’t understand our television system of humor in this country taking on faith what was being shown in relation to Glen Beck.  This is a woman possessed by something other than the desire to be free.  Only sharing this with everyone because I think this shows a pattern of infiltration being conducted by extremests who wish to destroy how we live.   


It has been a pleasure to show the world what a bunch of ignorantus the Glenn Beck & GOP crowd is…
Jon Stewart & Steven Colbert have showed how ridiculous you people are to the absolute delight of anybody with still half a brain in america.
PS: You are sadly mistaking self respect & outrage at imbecility and abuse for hatred. But what can we expect from your type but more lies & deception…
Big Hat No Cattle / Randy Newman

“America is the first empire to go from barbarity to decadence without going through civilization” – Oscar Wilde”

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