Civilians Running the Military

During the Vietnam War decisions were made by those in the White House on where to bomb and where not to bomb.  They lied about where troops were located across borders that troops were not supposed to be crossing.  They handled the war in a non-agressive let’s play army game and placed United States Marines on top of hills in jungles no one cared about and told them to guard them. Marines are not meant to guard piles of dirt in jungles no one cares about.  People died.  Good people died while those in the White House attended parties, ate well, and played like they were the generals of marching toy soldiers who they could move here and there on a plastic map laid down on a table far from where real people bled out.

Now we have a community activist leading the military.  Someone who never ever spent one day in uniform, who knows nothing about the military telling the military how to fight a war and people are dying and the fools in the White House are going to parties, baseball games, having “date nights” that cost the American Taxpayer an arm and a leg and who are dragging the economy of this country into a hole so big we will never get out and yet we have people, totally uninformed people, who will gladly kiss him on his ass.  His best friends are enemies of this country, yet we have people out there who still cannot get it through their thick skulls that this man wants to destroy this county.  Read his books, they are full of lies and people that don’t exist. Research him and you will find just how tied in he is with those who want this country to be destroyed.  This man is pure evil.  And we have him as the leader of the nation that is the best and brightest thing that ever happened to humans on this planet and he and his buddies are out to destroy it.  My advice?  Impeach him.  And vote out every damn democrat that crawled into the Congress on their belly and who has labeled themselves along with Obama as being Progressives (a code word for communist) .  Obama apologizes for our winning WW II, apologizes for all the good we have done in the world, tells our military to NOT fly the American flag because someone might think we are tying to colonize the world, he kisses the rings and bows to heads of 3rd world nations, parties with a man who proudly had a photo of himself standing on an American flag drapped over a pile of garbage in an alley in Chicago and is proud that he attempted to blow up the pentagon and was involved in several murders while involved in a hold up and he got away with it and now teaches at the University of Chicago and who says proudly that this country makes him “want to puke.”   How much more will it take before we Americans realize that unless we take a stand the future will belong to dictators and this country will be divided up and everything that was bright and wonderful will be laying in a garbage pail somewhere with Obama sitting on top of it doing his job.

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