A Rose for A Friend


I had a friend who went away

she never said how long she’d stay

I bought a rose and placed it where

no one would stop and stand and stare

but a place I knew she might wander past

and hoped the flower would somehow last

that my message of sadness and regret

for being one who without thinking and with unplanned neglect

had sadly let her fingers drift from mine

then somewhere, somehow, something cut the line

which I had not in place wished or had any such forward design

but failed I to tend the growth and failed to note or to in time seek to refine

the friendship that should have long passed the test of time

while our love had grown so quickly from infancy into prime

too late I then discovered how quickly a clock can chime

and another flower placed I this day

and wished that she might stop this way

but I know she’s gone and will never return

too late, too late the lesson did I learn

Copy write Gordon Kuhn 2010

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