Obama’s Mosque at Ground Zero

Is anyone really surprised that Barack Hussein Obama aka Barry Soetoro is supporting building a Muslim Mosque at ground zero? This is a man who grew up going to Muslim schools. This is a man who attended a church for 20 some years where the Christian religion was used to preach hatred against this country and against the Caucasian Race.
Are you surprised that this man whose wife never was proud of this country until her husband ran for president, who continually informs everyone that HE is the president, whose closest friends are linked to terrorism, defacement of the American flag, supporters of overthrowing this country….are you really surprised that this man is supporting the building of a mosque at ground zero? And, don’t hand me the religious freedom crap, this has nothing to do with religious freedom. This is a slap in the face of millions of Americans by a man who wants to destroy this country and if you don’t get that then you completely out of touch with reality.

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