According to The Oil Can , there are 33 floating oilrigs in the Gulf of Mexico with each having continuing costs of $250,000 to $500,000 per day. Additionally, The Wall Street Journal reported that such a moratorium will cost 23,000 jobs of which 9,450 workers are directly employed with another 13,794 jobs being indirect. The American Energy Alliance released a report estimating nationwide economic losses from the ban to be $2.7 billion.
So, the question is this: Why impose a moratorium. Could the answer be that there is a lack of understanding on the part of President Obama and his staff of advisors? I do not think this is the case as The Examiner reported Interior Department officials knew beforehand what the short-term and long-term affects would be.
So, why do this?
My belief is the decision is due to an incredible and indefensible arrogance on the part of our leadership. I believe Obama and Company obviously could care less what happens to our economy. I believe the administration is out to destroy it, along with our constitution, our sovereignty among nations, and our freedoms.
And, lastly, before I turn out the light and go to sleep tonight, I hope and pray I’m wrong but scared as hell that I’m right.

Regards to all

Gordon Kuhn

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