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So, now we learn there is a mosque within four blocks of ground zero and over 100 mosques scattered throughout NYC.  We also learn that this location was struck by falling debris from the twin towers because the nose of the first airplane that penetrated through the first tower was actually directly above where this building stands.  Yes, it is not on the exact ground zero site, it is a block away.  It was covered with the ashes of the towers and the humans that perished in the flames like all the nearby buildings.  We also learn that those involved in wanting this building placed there will not make any statement or agree with our State Department or anyone else that Hamas is a terrorist organization.  We also learn that the Iman there is being sent overseas by our government as an ambassador to meet with other Muslim leaders at U.S. taxpayers expense. WHY?   

Why are taxpayer funds being used to send this man overseas?  Both he and his wife have made derogatory remarks about our country.  Why are we putting up with this crap of having people like Barry Soweto and Michelle the wicked witch of Chicago apologizing for our country and allowing them to do their best at destroying it.  When the hell will America wake up to the fact that Barry and his wife are directly involved with and have been influenced by people who want to destroy our nation and we are letting them get away with it.  When are we going to bring prayer back into our schools and kick the damn ACLU in the teeth and toss them out of here.  The ACLU is a communist organization bent on destroying not supporting freedom.  I recently had a long running battle on here with a woman named Maria.  Just prior to her blocking communications between us she privately disclosed to me that she is a communist and a card-carrying member of the ACLU and accused me on not loving my country.  She accused me of that because I am against what is going on here.  I am against Obama’s apology tours.  I am against the slow destruction of our military.  I am against allowing corruption in our government and against increased governmental spending. I love this country, that is why I am so angry.  I am frightened for what future generations will be born into.  WAKE UP AMERICA.  YOU ARE LOSING THIS COUNTRY INCH BY INCH.  YOU ARE ASLEEP AND YOU NEED TO WAKE UP.   

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