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Come visit, send money, sign up…..subscriptions are free and you will get instant access to future posts and you can look at back posts and, if you are nice, I’ll post your comments.  Come on over.  If I had a beer I’d share.  BUT fair warning:  Some of my poetry tends to be on the dark side….not evil…..just, in some cases, it would be a good idea to not have sharp instruments nearby.  I don’t write to shock or make someone worry about my mental condition.  I write in a fever.  The words come in a rush, so fast at times I cannot keep up and then have to edit again and again to get it right.  So, enough, there are three of my poems there out of a collection of close to a hundred.  I intend on publishing a book soon and this happens to be a birthing zone of sorts for ideas.  You may not like one or two poems, but I am sure you will find many of mine you will fall in love with and if not then I understand ane will not be offended if you don’t subscribe.  But, in the words of the world famous author friend of mine in Canada, TL Tyson:  SUBSCRIBE NOW, DAMNIT.


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You are most welcome to come and visit and enjoy my poetry and make comment.

Sincerely, Gordon Kuhn


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