Hi. I have an ISBN number for The Widows’ Cliff and Other Poems and now waiting to see a proof on the book so I can review to make sure I don’t have any errors in it. While waiting I have written several other poems as for some reason my mind is racing with ideas. I am also working hard on editing The Prince of Dan and I think those of you who read for me will be happy to see it in its final form as I am more fully developing characters and their traits, surroundings, and relationships with others. I am really enjoying this and hope you will be as excited as I will be when finished.
I do have to tell you that I started a poem while walking Suzie on Sunday morning and I was overwhelmed with emotion so strong it took over an hour for me to finally calm down so I could actually speak in a complete sentence to Jan who followed me around the house trying to calm me. I’ve never experienced anything like that before. I doubt that I’ll actually be able to write the poem as I cannot get past the first few lines without being ripped apart with feelings. It is too bad as I would like to share that with you, but have an incredibly hard time just writing the title. And, I think those of you who know me well know I am not prone to such strong emotions.
So, we shall see, but I doubt I’ll be able to write it.

So, will keep you posted on the books.

Thanks to those of you who replied to me so far.

Sincerely, Gordon.


One response to “Have ISBN”

  1. Fantastic blog, I hadn’t come across gordonwrites.com previously during my searches!
    Keep up the wonderful work!


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