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First let me say thanks for the wonderful comments I’ve received. My hope is that my productions bear up to what everyone expects. I am really excited about this and hope it all works out.
The page total on The Widows’ Cliff and Other Poems has increased to 126. There currently are 26 poems in it. The longest I believe is Lady at a Table in the Mall which is 16 pages.
I tried to determine if I have a favorite, but I don’t. Each one is unique to me and occupies its own special place in my life.I believe I need to offer once more to those of you who do not wish to be on this mailing list or if you are receiving this at work and it violates your employment rules for email please let me know so I can remove you. And, in the end, not everyone likes poetry, so I can assure you I won’t be offended if you ask me to remove you from the mailing. I want you to be on the list only if you wish to be on it, not because I want you to be here.

Best to you this morning, Gordon.

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