Poems additions

Dear fantastic followers of mine,

I have added a few more poems so the list is now at 33. There are a few more I need to include and have to edit. These deal with Vietnam…..memories and nightmares…..and I think they are important enough to me that I want them included. So, will be hard at it in the next 24 or so to get them to where I feel comfortable. But, the question is, do I ever feel comfortable? The answer is NO. I am constantly looking and rereading to see if I can make my writing better. That is why I fall asleep at the computer and then Jan has to wake me up or one of the dogs wander in and touches me with a wet nose to rouse me from my slumbers……I am sure that in both cases….Jan’s and the dog’s…my snoring alerts them that I am about to fall out of the chair and, so, they mercifully come to my rescue.

So, even though I am as impatient as I can be to get this book printed and out there I have to be realistic in that I’m not done with it. But, two or three days and I will print the proof to review and then to market we will go.

Prince of Dan is growing with my edits as I reveal information not in the foundation work. So, should be interesting to you who have already read it as I’m painting in more detail.

Best regards to you all. Gordon.

The Wonders of Advanced Medicine

WOW IF THIS ISN’T TRUEA Doctor from Israel says: “In Israel the medicine is so advanced that we cut off a man’s testicles; we put them into another man, and in 6 weeks he is looking for work.”

The German doctor comments: “That’s nothing, in Germany we take part of the brain out of a person; we put it into another person’s head, and in 4 weeks he is looking for work.”

A Russian doctor says: “That’s nothing either. In Russia we take out half of the heart from a person; we put it into another person’s chest, and in 2 weeks he is looking for work.”

The U.S. Doctor answers immediately: “That’s nothing my colleagues, you are way behind us. In the USA , about a year ago we grabbed a person with no brains, no heart, and no balls,

we made him President of the United States , now the whole country is looking for work!”