Now this is a poster…….
Semper Fi
Gordon Kuhn
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3 responses to “NOW THIS IS A POSTER”

  1. It’s interesting how a picture and a few words can convey so much. I am not a fan of war, but I find it important to stand behind the men (and women) who go overseas. One of my good friends have been in that profession/field for years and years. The things he’s seen. In this case, we can see a physical disability and how he is truly affected day to day. Unfortunately, the percentage of soldiers that return home with scars on the inside is vast and it’s something we don’t understand. More money should be shopped into PTSD. Sigh.

    Good poster.


    1. I’m unsure how to really reply to you. I know the effects of PTSD first hand. I am not a fan of war. Been there, done that, don’t have a T-shirt, but have the mental scars.That being said, I stand ready to defend the Constitution of the United States as I swore to do, and would surrender my life and the rest of my mind to protect the safety of the freedoms we share in America and which are slowly being eroded by hidden forces.


    2. T.L. I wanted to add that it is because of Vietnam Vets, like myself, that the curse of PTSD has been recognized and is being funded. A tremendous effort is underway by the VA to prevent suicides. Most people are unaware that if you multiply the number of names on the VN Wall in Washington, D.C. by 3 you would still be less than the number of suicides of both men and women who served there. I posted a poem her about suicide a few weeks back as I struggle with that issue on a daily basis. I, like so many of my brothers and sisters, came home physically but never left the war. I wake everyday in Vietnam and I go to sleep everynight in Vietnam and I am surrounded by ghosts who call my name 24/7. The only thing that holds me here is to act on the desire to end my life would destroy my wife and I do not wish to harm her in anyway. I hope you understand and I hope your understanding will help you with your friend. xo


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