Enough is enough: Fired or just business as usual?



In the private sector when the boss calls you in and tells you that your performance to date is unacceptable and poses a danger to the structure and stability of the business at hand and that you are fired. That is it. You are summarily escorted out the door with someone making sure you don’t walk off with sensitive company information, tools, books, records, or customers list. In government we reward these people with continued employment and office space for months. These individuals were fired by their constituents and yet remain in power to do as they will while the new employee stands to the side. What a crime this is. What arrogance. This is exactly why the politicians do not respect voters and will do as they please and will tell you and me that we, the public, the voters, work for them and not them working for us. When are WE going to get angry enough to stop this. When these people are voted out TOSS them out of their office. Give them ten days to pack up so the new people can move in AND NO VOTING IS TO BE DONE BY THEM. What the hell is the matter with this picture we currently have. Are we insane? Not only do these people give themselves pay raises, they have a different retirement program and medical program than you or I. They grant themselves cost of living increases while denying the same to their constituents. When are you and I going to say enough is enough and take back this government and make it For the People and By the People instead of For the Elected and By the Elected. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

Best to you, always!
Gordon Kuhn

Author of Widow’s Cliff and Other Poems
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