A photo of a cup of coffee.
Image via Wikipedia

Copy Write Gordon Kuhn

Coffee in a plain blue cup
dark brew, restaurant knew
ah, cream to the side, I think
but blink at the suggestion of sugar
need not sweeten the bitter biting taste
to do so would be such a terrible waste
of coffee bean and water made in water hotter
leave out all this other stuff
and, why, for God’s sake all these names are strange I think
but don’t destroy with special crap poured in my coffee
a frothing mess sprinkled with cocoa dust?
for that I would surely frown and my lips would shrink
away from such a polluted mess
and confess I would hate to waste it all
this drink the seller called out is tall
what happened to the simple cup
now abused by steamed milk and a chocolate machine
a biscotti to the side maybe someone else’s dream
but not mine
just pour the coffee in a plain old eight ounce cup
let me make the choice of if I wish for cream
regular, cow cream, please, not colored, not flavored
simple, savored.

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