Wednesday Morning 3/23/2011

0323 in the morning. I’m awake and wondering what is going on in the world and why hasn’t the President or Hillary Clinton called me to ask for my advice on what to do in Libya. I know they need my help and have been waiting for them to call but guess they don’t know I can help. Okay, let’s get serious for a second. Who does Zero think he’s kidding. In the first place this president is the most unprepared, indecisive, anti-American President we’ve ever elected to office……I say we, but you can bet your sweet butt that I didn’t vote Bambi into office along with Big Butt his wife.

It took the French….the French and the English….for God’s sake to kick off this offensive and Mr. Floppy Ears is saying WE are doing this for humanitarian reasons. Well, Mr. Floppy Ears, if that is the case then why didn’t you do something about Iran killing its people, or Saudia Arabia, or N. Korea….or how about all the people being slaughtered in S. America and in S. Africa under the name of political reform or whatever you want to call it. Bottom line! President Zero was PUSHED into this operation and as far as  being concerned about the troops involved that is his last concern. He wasn’t concerned in the first place. Read Bambi’s body language and research just how little this man regards our military. To him we are a country which takes over other peoples land. Anyway, I have no use for him. AND, keep in mind he said we are turning this over to someone else to run…yeah, right, ……and, no boots on the ground…..WATCH: two things, 1) we will be running it and 2) we will have boots on the ground. OH, and get this…..OIL. He wants S. America to drill for oil in the Gulf of Mexico and he pledged to buy that oil……say what?????  Yeah, he won’t let our companies drill but he encourages S. American companies to drill and tells them we’ll be happy to buy the oil from them.   HEY Mr. Floppy Ears, what about U.S. jobs????? Your actions against OUR oil companies hurt Americans and now you are telling S. American countries to drill and we will buy their damn oil. Have you lost your marbles?????  Obviously, maybe you didn’t have any marbles in the first place.

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