Violin after Jakobus Stainer 18th. century

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Copyright 2011 Gordon L Kuhn


years ago

I felt,

I touched

a violin!

Just the once.

It was gently placed

within my hands,

and I was shown

a single note,

and how to play

just the one note.


years ago,

and as I touched the bow

to the strings

which lay silent waiting

waiting for the barely felt touch,


as it sang out

as the bow crossed lightly

over the tightly stretched

and silent waiting strings

I was seduced!

My soul was lifted free

to dance alone in the sky

swept away by the single note

above where no one could see

and as the one note pierced the evening air

it touched me so soft and so gentle fair

as would a lover’s fingertips follow curves

and brought joy beyond belief

the first love

the first kiss

Once, just the once

I found myself to have been seduced

So gently taken

So softly led

to a waiting bed of music laid

so many years ago.

Saturday Morning CERT Class

Community Emergency Reaction Team (CERT) we, Jan and I, are becoming members of this group which trains people to handle emergency activities in the event of devastating events (earthquakes, hurricanes, man made, etc.) We are now in day four of training. We get to put out fires…yay. Looking forward to that. Good program. In the event of a problem like a hurricane that destroys the area the CERT people will have food, medical supplies, water and radios to communicate with the outside world. I think it is a good idea.