Obama said what????

Cover of "Bambi (2-Disc Special Platinum ...
Cover of Bambi (2-Disc Special Platinum Edition)

I don’t know who was paying attention this past week but I heard a few things which came out of Zero’s mouth that just don’t add up (well, really, there is plenty about this man that don’t add up) and so I thought I’d run them past you. I mean, maybe you can make sense of this.

1) Obama decides to follow France and Britain into war against Libya. Why? Humanitarian purposes????  Oh, Zero is such a humanitarian. I see. Well then what about the people who died in Iran while looking to us for help? Syria? The Sudan? S. America? Africa? No. we are only worried about Libya.  Hmmm. Could it be that Europe is concerned about the oil??  Could it be?  No. We’d never get into a fight over oil. Well, would we?

Oh, but it gets better.

2) Bambi goes to Brazil. Hey, we could have made a musical like in the sixties. We could have Bambi sitting with George Soros and Bill Ayers playing bongo drums while Annette dances around. ….  Anyway, Bambi goes to Brazil and pumps $20 billion into an oil company controlled by his best buddy George Soros and says to Brazil: Drill. Here’s the money. Drill. And, the U.S. will be your best customer.

Okay.  Got that???  But, then Bambi comes back here (remember we can’t drill per Bambi because we might spill some oil..but his buddy and Brazil won’t…right?) and then tells the American people we must cut back on our oil purchases from foreign countries….what????….isn’t Brazil a foreign country?

Shhhhh,  doesn’t this cause you to wonder if the man has lost a screw someplace along the line? Is he smoking something strange?

Oh, then we find out that Zero has signed secret orders to the CIA to carry on a hidden war in Libya. Now, don’t that beat all???

One response to “Obama said what????”

  1. […] to drill for oil while refusing to allow us to drill so we can be independent of foreign resources. THOUGHTS, Just another WordPress.com weblog had an intresting post on the Brazil trip. Check out his blog post, then, go check out this post: […]


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