Stupidity makes me angry. Wholesale, total stupidity. Not the kind that happens when you cut your thumb slicing a onion while making a sandwich, or trip over the dog in the middle of the night on the way to the toilet. What I’m talking about is Public Stupidity. Public Stupidity is about instructions given to the public that confuse people, or instructions that a semi-intelligent person wouldn’t need, like: If the building is on fire…..LEAVE. Stuff like that. Do you really need to have a sign up that tells you to leave the damn building if it is on fire?????  Well, while up in Georgia visiting friends on a working vacation (we own alpacas and had to shear them for their fleece—-but that is another story). We were in this flea market and I came across a door that had these words posted in very large letters: EMERGENCY EXIT. Fine, glad there is an emergency exit, sometimes you need one when you are out doing something you should have thought about before you did it but you threw caution to the wind and said, “Who’s gonna know?” Yep. Sure thing your gonna get caught. But, here’s the catch, underneath the words emergency exit was the following: KEEP DOOR CLOSED AT ALL TIMES.


Now, just how in the Sam Blue Blazes can the door be an emergency exit if you aren’t supposed to ever open the door? Is it just me? I can just see some poor dunce standing in front of the door in an emergency and thinking to themselves: Well, what the hell do I do now. Trust me, I’ve known two people who would do just that. One of them thinks the way to cook hamburgers and hot dogs on the  grill is to dip them in charcoal lighter fluid then set them on fire. He said that by doing that he doesn’t need charcoal.  Uh, ok, I guess.

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