Copyright 2011 Gordon Kuhn

Poet in the Rain

The counter was bare and empty

So I took the first available lonely old seat

And my mind thought of burgers and Wimpy

And paying the second Tuesday of next week.

But the menu was loaded with more than just the one treat

Then came the waitresses who swished and swirled about me

Hurrying as best they could on sore and tired feet

They quickly flipped open their worn and tattered order pads

As one on a hunt intent on selling me my lunch

Then, as a bunch, rushed at me to greet

As one all suggested the potatoes and meat

“It’s cooked today,” they all said with a smile

“Not like yesterday or the day before the day before.”

“I’m glad,” I replied, “it’s been quite a while.

I’ve been living on collards, chittlins, swamp cabbage and peas,

And things, weird things, they claim live in the seas.

So, bring it, bring on some fried potatoes and a chunk of cooked meat,

And I’ll sit here and enjoy them while keeping warm this lonely old seat.”

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