Focus on publishing!

Everyday I move closer to having my novel The Prince of Dan published. It currently is just under 106,000 words.

What’s it all about? Murder, incest, insanity, and a healthy dose of confusion over who is really who.

So, what is going on with it? I’m editing. But more than that. I am editing and promoting and building a list of friends who want to help me in this endeavor.

And then there is the poetry. For those of you who don’t know me I also have a website: Poet in the Rain. I try to keep that strictly for poetry unlike Thoughts where I’m liable to  post just about whatever comes to mind.

So, if you are not subscribing and are interested then please sign up and you’ll receive emails with updates and you can always make comments. Comments are good I think.

Best to you, Gordon Kuhn “Poet in the Rain”

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