Ten Years

Next week marks ten years from that day of terror that left us all stunned and started a hunt for those responsible. Ten years of hunting ended this year with the death of Osama bin Laden, but there are more like him out there who will fill his shoes. So, what is the solution? Does anyone have an answer? I think a lot of answers are out there. I believe the answer is education. How can we expect people who live in the manner of their ancestors hundreds of years ago to understand the present. We cannot. As long as these people are uneducated with nothing to do in their lives but to hate and be subservient to radical leaders who seek power for themselves we will be faced with OBL figures. As long as women are forced into virtual slavery by their husbands and children and women are condemned and murdered under Sharia law it will continue to be that OBL will walk among us.

One response to “Ten Years”

  1. I agree totally, education is missing in alot of countries and even slacking in the USA. We need to get our priorities in order and most important, we also need GOD or whatever your believes back into the school system and make everyone pleadge thier allegience to this wonderful country, America!


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