The Sixteen Dollar Muffin

Today we learned that Barack Obama (who will soon make Jimmy Carter look competent) ate a $16 Muffin. Now, who paid for that muffin? You and I. So, let me be perfectly clear on this, if you think he should have $16 muffins then you pay for them because this is one tax payer that is sick and tired of the Manchurian President partying with his wife at our expense. This man is arrogant and stupid and for all those of you out there who don’t get it you are  just as dumb as a rock.

2 responses to “The Sixteen Dollar Muffin”

  1. You should probably check your facts. The $16 muffin was actually for the whole event (per attendee).


    1. So, that makes it okay? Like his flying to NY with AF 1, a support plane, two jet fighters, and tying up the traffic in NY so he and his wife could go to a dinner and to the theater. I’ll tell you what, why don’t you send him the $16 for each of the people there so that the rest of us don’t have to pay for their damn muffins. Give me a break, check your facts, check your liberalism and your love for an idiot, worthless arrogant man who has no business being the leader of the free world.


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