What is a man?

This is a question I’ve often entertained. Just what is a man? I mean to say, how do you identify or define what a man is? We are flesh and blood. Yes. I suppose you can say that. I suppose, also, that you can say we are made up of the same components that make up the earth for is it not true that all that we are physically comes from this planet? But what is the essence. What is the pure form of man, of maleness. And, ladies, please understand I am not leaving you out of my thoughts in terms of creation. I am trying to understand what being a man is. This is a personal quest, to understand, to come to some form of balance in my own mind of what a man is in terms of relationships and activities. Sexuality? Yes. But sexual preferences do not, I think, define what a man is. Nevertheless, it cannot be denied in terms of trying to understand what being a man is. So, the question is there. Care to respond?

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