A is for Anxiety.

There is nothing worse than dealing with anxiety, unless, of course, you have depression. Neither is fun. Both are destructive. Medication is offered by medical practitioners. Meditation is offered by those who practice yoga. Prayer is offered by the church. Does any of it work? Of course it does. But which one should you or I choose to utilize? Easy question. Hard to answer.

I suffer from depression. I guess it is called “clinical depression” and there is medication for that. Prayer and meditation also helps. I also suffer from anxiety attacks, or, some say panic attacks. And there is medication for that along with meditation and prayer.

What I have learned is that having neither disorder is fun, but both can be reduced in terms of their impact on your daily life. How? Medication, meditation, and prayer. However, the most important factor that I have discovered is separating myself from those people or issues or items that cause my discomfort. Not easy. But you can work at it little by little and in the end you will find a brighter day.

It is your life and it is your choice how you want to live it. You and I can both take control over our lives to a certain extent and as far as the rest is concerned I advise anyone in the same predicament to look to the professionals. HOWEVER, remember, in the end you live with you and the professional does not. So, take care of yourself. Smile. Stay out of arguments. Go places when it is less stressful than it would be other times. If shopping in a grocery story drives you nuts (it does me) because of all the activity around you then pick a time when it is less busy. Again, it is your life. Enjoy it.

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