E is for Ernie

E is for Ernie. He was a fellow I met several years back. He was not what you might expect from an Ernie, but interesting all the same. He had long hair and rode a motorcycle and believed in werewolves and vampires and would not go outside when it was a full moon. Ernie chewed tobacco and could spit a very long stream and he wrote the Olympics Committee more than once as he thought tobacco juice spitting should be one of the sports. He was sure he’d get gold, and I’m sure he would have too. Ernie is out there somewhere with a mouth full of Beechnut happily cruising down some highway with bugs splattered on his goggles (he didn’t believe in windscreens. he said only sissies used them). There have been famous Ernies in history. Ernie Pyle, Tennessee Ernie Ford, and Ernie the Plumber.

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