F is for Friends

F is for friends and I must say I have quite a few. I enjoy talking with them and I hope they enjoy talking with me. Sometimes friends can be distant and silent and I miss them when that happens, but I also know that I am to blame in some circumstances as well. Becoming irritated with friends is an easy thing to do. I suppose becoming irritated with family is even easier as I have several family members that I hope never show up on my doorstep and that may sound odd. However, if we all search our hearts I’m sure I’m not alone in the place.

New word for today in the F’s area is: FAFF. To faff is to fumble about, to waste time. Instead of saying to someone  “stop screwing around and get to work” you can say “stop faffing around and get to work”. In reality, it is an alternative to saying: “Stop farting around….” So, stop faffing around reading this and go do something productive.

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