G is for the Good Witch in the Wizard of Oz.

The Wizard of Oz  Publicity _270
Image by Brian Negin via Flickr

I know a few good witches. I don’t know any bad witches. But I wonder if the bad witch in the Wizard of Oz was really presented as she was or was she maligned by the media. After all, she was green and had a strange looking nose and had an averse feeling towards water…..I mean, after all, how would you like it if you stood the chance of melting if caught outside in the rain or, for that matter, you could never take a shower while Miss Pretty Witch all dressed in white with the cute songs sung when she showed up and the happier than anything on earth smile was wandering around being loved by everyone. Maybe the green witch was constipated. Did anyone think of that? No. Maybe she had a hard time in school. Maybe she had been dropped on her head as a child. That happened to me, but I”m not green. So, what does the green color signify? Is that where they get “Green with envy” because she was jealous of the white witch who was her sister? After all, before condemning her we need more information.

Word for the day: Galeanthropy    I was standing in the bank making a deposit and the head teller came over and dropped to all fours, purred like a cat, and rubbed up against my leg. The other tellers said, “Don’t worry, she is suffering from galeanthropy.”

“Really?” I asked.

“Yep, she thinks she’s a cat. We have a dish with milk in it in the break room and, oh yes, we also have a kitty litter box in the bathroom for her. She’s house trained and needs a good home. Would you care to adopt her? We have a collar and she has had all her shots. We just need her a few days a week to work the counter her at the bank.”

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