Unborn baby conducts his own cesarean delivery.

Reuters is reporting a nine pound baby that received a doctorate in medicine with honors – the first ever to do while unborn – (he kept his mother up at night as he had to have a lamp suspended over her bed so he could read as it is dark in the womb) – conducted his own cesarean birth from inside his mom. The medical staff was amazed as the genius baby gave instructions over speaker hookup from inside Mom One as he called her. He stepped out of the incision made inside her uterus with a bright smile less than 15 minutes after the procedure started, smacked himself on his ass to jump start his breathing, and headed for the showers taking a student nurse with him. He released himself from the hospital and is reportedly aboard a yacht down at the marina where he is resting along with the student nurse. The yacht he managed to win in a poker game from inside the womb. Will wonders never cease?’.

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