I had an interesting conversation tonight at my creative writer’s group meeting. There were several discussions actually. and now it’s  0413 and as typical my mind is off and running with many thoughts. I had begun to write a poem earlier today, actually two, one started simply because I was driving on the road and I was looking at the grass off to my right side and I was overcome with a lonely feeling regarding the grass itself. The second poem was generated by seeing a young woman pushing a child in a baby buggy. Both forms are rummaging around in my brain. Both are deep, exploratory, which ties in with the conversations I had this evening during the meeting and following it. I have been sitting here working and had decided to go back to sleep. However, the moment I  closed my eyes, my mind began to review the day, the two unwritten poems, and the conversations. Oddly they’re all linked. It suddenly dawned on me that as we move forward in time it becomes an exploration of an unknown area. Every thought, every word, every decision, everything is a footstep into the unknown regardless of how much planning was made before the step. These are thoughts that I wish to explore. I think it best that I retire was a commitment that I’ll return and discuss these ideas later post.

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