Something about a tree, offending people, the AC phoney LU and other thoughts in the middle of the night.

Wow. December 11, 2011! I’m still back on January 11, 2011. Someone stole all those months and placed me here now. What happened?

Anyway, it’s 0153 and I am sleepy. It was a busy day. It was a nerve wracking day. It was a Xanax day. Can I write a Haiku about it? Hmm. I don’t know.

We have our tree. It is a green tree. We call it a Christmas Tree. Sorry if I offend anyone. I’m really worried about worrying about offending someone who might be offended if I don’t worry about worrying. Know what I mean? We have to worry about these people. I know, I know, they don’t worry about offending me or my friends but we have to worry  about offending them. It is the correct and decent thing to do. We must stop being who we grew up as, what we believe in, get rid of our traditions because we just might offend someone. It is so perverse that we need to worry about even mentioning it because if we bring it up in such fashion which might highlight them and not their issue then we are not only offending them but also open ourselves up for law suites from the ACLU, a group which is not really American. It is not really concerned about being overly Civil. It really has nothing to do with Liberty. A Union? Yep. Originally and still is a Union made up of Socialists and Communists and one which should be disbanded but, there I go, offending all the creeps (sorry, I’m sleepy and not responsible for being offending) that like to run around and offend ME! Nevertheless, the ACLU claims it is protecting me with a broad, liberal, phoney smile. I guess it is protecting me from being offended by me. And that is important. I certainly don’t want to worry about offending myself.

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