I Hate To Say It, But….

I hate to say it, but I don’t like the holiday season. Oh, it is not an anti-religious theme dislike. I’m fine with religion. I think some people need to have religion in their lives. I think some people need to grow up and leave people who need religion alone. I am always amazed when I come across someone who has complete disdain for anyone who has religious beliefs. Those people will always tell me how stupid the other people are. They then want to know why they follow certain traditions (Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, Muslim, Wicca, or whatever). They say to me, “Those people are so stupid. I cannot believe they believe that.” Okay, fine, I cannot believe your upset and so much so that you want to make a career out of changing people to your believes.

Then, of course, comes the denial that they don’t have a belief because if they have a belief then someone might suggest the existence of a religion. Holy crap in a tea cup. Will it never cease?

Here’s my solution: Let’s allow each other to simply live our lives without telling each other how stupid the other is.

Oh, by the way, your choice of toothpaste? give me a break. Mine is much better.

4 responses to “I Hate To Say It, But….”

  1. I am so with you on this topic! I am amazed by the hostility out there towards anyone who is a bit different. Thanks for the post. It gives me hope to know that I am NOT alone.

    And my favorite tooth paste? Get outta here!


  2. What do you not like about the holiday season? Do you think the holiday season has become a symbol of consumerism/materialism more so than a symbol of religion? I’m gathering (and I could be wrong) that some people find it stupid to have a belief in something because belief appears to equal conclusion and once we have made a conclusion about something, we’ve shut our blinders to anything else, hence we become closed to any new ideas or possibilities.

    Toothpaste: either Tom’s of Maine or some brand of Ayurvedic toothpaste with neem in it! 🙂


    1. From Halloween forward the New Years eve and day the assumption is that we are all supposed to be happy and great things are headed our way and that is all a bunch of BS. The highest suicide rate is after New Years. This is due to false expectations and loneliness.


      1. Hmmmmmm….I think I hear you saying that we think that the cause of great things happening is directly related to being happy. But people are really unhappy underneath that happy facade and that’s why loneliness sets in. Yes, suicide rate is high around the holidays. I wonder why people are so sad, feel so hopeless?


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