D is for Desultor

Desultor! A warm, wonderful Latin term.

Notice how it tends to just roll off the tip of your tongue when speaking it. It has three parts that tend to be spoken fast, slow, fast. In ancient Rome it referred to a circus performer who could leap from one horse to another. So, in my weird way of thinking I can see the performer on the one horse and he/she says “de”, then leaps into the air and hangs there for a moment while saying “sult”, with finally landing on the other horse with a happy “er”.  Hey, it is 0200 so it is what it is. Okay?

I can just see people back then walking through the streets on the way home from the Colosseum. They would be filled with wine and good cheer for one another after watching gladiators kill one another for several hours and then out came the circus riders and they would all shout: The Desultors. Bets would be made on their favorite riders as to who could leap the furthest. And, of course, some Desultors would misjudge the jump and be deconstructed to the delight of the crowd. Today we have desultors who are supposed to be working for us, but they forget that once elected and the power of their position goes to their heads. We call them: politicians. Unfortunately it seems that many of the desultors we elect have the ability to switch from one side of a coin to the other without any missteps. That is why some can bravely say, “I first voted for it before I voted against it.” What?

So, tonight, when you gather around your dinner table do stop and think for a moment about all the desultors in our world who jump from one side of the fence to the other with little fear and absolutely no repercussions from the electorate for having spoken out of both sides of their mouths. Then raise a glass high and take an oath to vote the bastards out of office in the next election.

Next up: why am I up at 0200 writing on my blog, or how I got trapped in the inside lane of a roundabout today driving in circles until I was able to get to an exit point.

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