Officer, it was only a small ecphonema….sir…oh….sorry….madam.

There are times when some ecphonema exclamations such as “Holy shit, after ten times around the airport I finally found a parking spot in front of arrivals, stupid airport police!” may not be a good idea…particularly if dealing with tired airport police who think you are dissing them because they have waved you through PAST open parking spaces TEN times. “But, sir, this is a limousine service,” I tried to explain, and “I’m new to the area (I lied) Plus, I don’t speak English.”.

Absolutely no sense of humor on the outside of the car. “When I tell you to go around I mean for you to go around.”

Reply, “Has anyone said how wonderful you are doing your job today officer?”

“Are you dissing me?”

“Absolutely not. I was just having an ecphonema moment back then when I said, you know, the holy s word and I would hope you would understand that….”

“Swearing at me?”

“No sir, I was just looking in my dictionary and came across this new word: ecphonema. It means a exclamation caused by something sudden like … joy! I was joyful because I found a parking spot.”

“Well, I’m ecphonema because I’m going to remember you.”

“No, sir, you don’t understand. An ecphonema is simply an exclamation which is brought about by a sudden emotion like, say, joy or horror.”

“I see, so if I give you a ticket for being difficult would that cause you to be ecphonema?”

“Well, no sir, but it would make me very sad as I have twelve children who are all illegal aliens that I am supporting with my foreign born wife who doesn’t have a green card.”

“You can’t park here.”

“But, isn’t this arrivals?”

“Yes. But YOU can’t park here.”

“Oh. Well, in that case I’ll just hold my ecphonema in check until I circle a few more times.”

“Good idea.”

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