Paper Kites Flying In the Rain

Copyright 2011 Gordon Kuhn

19 December 2011

Poet in the Rain Productions

Like paper kites flying in the rain!

My life in pieces turns and darts and tries to maintain

Height above the hungry, waiting, muddy plain.

Fighting, struggling for altitude against the strain

Of moisture building on the sodden wings;

And gravity, with no relief pulling on a thousand hidden strings.

Each drop of life leaving behind a stain.

No one knows of the cutting silent pain.

Each falling drop leaves behind a mark,

Some light…some dark…some stark.

Some so stark,

Yet those sighted who cannot see.

Will be always free, always free,

To not know the pain, to never know the pain,

Or to ever see the stain, the mark left by the rain, the falling rain

My life is made up of paper kites

Shredded, sodden kites

Struggling against the constant pain

Just paper kites flying in the rain!

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