A Toad, a Penguin, and Me.

A Toad, a Penguin, and Me.

Copyright 2011 Gordon Kuhn

Poet in the Rain Productions

12/27/2011 Gordon Kuhn

Yesterday I was jus’ sittin’ by the forever road,

Jus’ me and a lonely, forelorn, raggedy ol’ toad,

Who’d stopped and tol’ me he had a powerful big load

A problems he’d done for years been stowed;

And wondered if he could jus’ rest and unload a few

While we set and looked upon a pleasant view

Of waving wheat beneath an egg shell blue.

“Of course,” I said, “no need to fuss and stew.”

When, jus’ then, a penguin chose to pass our way

And asked if he could come and sit a stay.

The toad and I could simply not refuse

For to do so would be to abuse

The poor wobbling critter’s passin’ by.

So, he joined our quiet discussion as each did try

To recollect what it was that brung us there

While we on a pleasant view did simply set and stare

At waving wheat beneath a blue so soft and fair.

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