Well, here we are at Monday, Jan. 30, 2012. It is 0753. I’ve been up working on three poems, and three novels. Plus there is more roaming around in my head. I’ve posted to Kindle both of the poetry books under my name: Gordon L Kuhn…..The Widow’s Cliff and Other Poems and the new one which is Rabbit in a Box.

The first is without any warning except that it is graphic in some places and some of the poems are based on episodes in my life that I’ve decided to write about. The second comes with a warning. The signature poem is about child abuse and animal abuse. It is a true story. It is my story. My wife and many of my friends and other relatives cannot read it. So, fair warning.

To my followers:

Just a note to say “thanks” to my followers. I’m glad you are here! I believe I am following all of you as well. This is part of my Author’s Platform. I’m a serious writer and I have a lot of work in progress. I just posted to Kindle Direct which can be accessed through  I would invite all of you to take a look (it is only $3) and provide me with reviews as to what you think of my poetry. I also have another book on Kindle for $0.99. Coming soon is a murder mystery: The Pelman Murders.

Rabbit in a Box

Rabbit in a Box is now available on Kindle as a part of KDP Select. A no nonsense book of poetry about life.  108 pages. 68 poems. WARNING: The title poem is graphic. It is long. It is about abuse. It is my story. It is true. I have friends who cannot read it, including my best friend, my wife.




Copyright 2012 Gordon L Kuhn

Poet in the Rain, Productions


I be worryin’.

I be sittin’ here all alone an’ worryin’.

Sittin’ alone now,

Don’t ya know now?

Sittin’ alone an’ worryin’,

‘bout nothin’

Worryin’ bout nuthin’,

Instead of enjoyin’ some fun,

While sittin’ here

Sittin’ here in the sun.

There ain’t no reason for it.

No reason for worryin”.


None a’tal.

It is just myself the worryin’ does fit,

To be worryin’.

An’ now I be worryin’,

That I’m worryin”!

I would hope.

I would hope that anyone who reads my poetry understands that I write what comes to my mind and it doesn’t mean I’m the reality of the words. I mean that just because I write about alcoholism does not mean I am the character in the poems. I write about those I’ve known and those I know and a very wide grouping that is of sinners and saints, those who know who and where they are going and those who are completely lost. I am empathic. I write in the first person because I feel the reality of what I am writing about. Like Dean Martin pretending to be drunk while performing I am not what it may seem. Just a thought as I know some out there who read what I write see the words and not the art or the understanding of the problem I am commenting on, nor do they understand that the comment is for the purpose of illustration and not my own personal reality.


Jan. 24, 2012
Copyright 2012 Gordon L Kuhn
Poet in the Rain Productions

Sittin’ in the sun
Looking for a spot of fun
Watchin’ young things wander by
No energy to even try
To strike up a conversation
And not into meditation
When up sat down a hairy faced dude
Lanky and looked as thin as a tube
And he said, “How’d you?”
“How’d you?”
“Mmm hmm, how’d do you do?”
He wobbled a bit.
“Mind if I sit?”

Socialism Defined

Socialism is a condition related to economic and political formations in which there are those who believe taking from those who have and giving to those who have not will in someway make it better for everyone. The question is this: When you run out of the money you  take from those who have to give to those who have not …. what then?