Four in a series: Jack the Ripper

4. Jack the Ripper

I’m reading a book about Jack the Ripper. The author is Patricia Cornwell. The book’s title is Portrait of a Killer. The book was published in 2002. Ms. Cornwell identifies the killer as being a man named Walter Sickert. He was born in 1860 and died in 1942. It’s a fascinating book and explains how present-day use of forensics help isolate him as being the violent killer that stalked the streets of London. If you’re looking for a good read I would suggest this book. But I think the book offers more just a good story. It is a non-written study on how to properly research and develop facts, even though she does not dwell on that as that is not the purpose of the book.  I believe it is also a study on humanity.

I’m not sure what could corrupt an individual to the extent that Walter Sickert was mentally and morally corrupt. Ms. Cornwell offers up an opinion for the principal cause. But I don’t think that the answer is so simple. There are too many variables.

We even see situations in our current society that are astonishing, cruel, and unbelievable in many cases. I’m not sure if humankind will ever move past such events. The reason I don’t think it will is because society is too complex as is the human mind. Both are subject to diseases. We as a society can only hope that proper research will identify circumstances which will lead to preventing such events.

Walter Sickert was born male. He was a monster. He may have had the physical characteristics which would identify him based on age as being a man; but I wonder if his existence would qualify him in our lexicon as being a man. Some might say he was, others might disagree. So, the quest continues to define what a man is.

I suppose in the end it will come down to an individual classification for each male alive, dead, and yet to be born. Society may claim that it understands just what a man is; but I think society will be eternally wrong

Number three in my wandering thoughts.

3. Sometimes our genitals get in the way.

I’ve come to believe that our genitals get in the way. Yes. Think about it for a second. We are a sexual creation. I think about sex. Do you think about sex? Hell yes you think about sex.

I can fieldstrip a woman with my mind in less than a second! Impressive, yes?

I wonder about her nooks and curves, her tastes, scents, her softness, moistness. Yep, I’m curious about her from head to toe and think about places I’d like to go and visit.  And don’t tell me you don’t either if you are man, well….there are some men who prefer men but I prefer women. I like the mystique. The wonder of it all.  Yep. It’s a wonderful thing, a woman.

And you know, sometimes I wonder what is going on in her head when she looks at me. Good lord, is she fieldstripping me too?


Number Two in a Series

2. We are surrounded with idiocy.

I own … sorry … we own three dogs. My wife and I, we own three dogs. Or is it that the dogs own us. I’m not sure. When you consider we house them, feed them, walk them, groom them, love them, and talk with them (sometimes argue with them) the question rises as to who owns who?

It is like in life, I think, as to who owns who? Does your employer own you? Does the IRS own you (most likely they think so….recall Ruby Ridge). Does the government own you? And who the hell is the government anyway? It’s people. What’s a corporation? It’s people.

Am I the only one who has ever noted those facts?

And I’ve found that when people get a certain level of “power” they tend to think differently while wearing that “costume” of authority. They become better than you and I. Just look at the TSA workers that make an elderly person strip because they are wearing pads to soak up urine and the pads are a suspicious thing to a TSA worker. Or, TSA again, a child has a name that is on the watch list and they won‘t let the kid on the plane even though it is only six months old. What kind of madness is this?

We are overrun with idiocy.

Again, back to the theme, what is a man? What are we? Why are we? Why do we do harmful things to one another?

What is a Man?

What is a Man?

Number One in a series

This is a question I’ve often entertained. Just what is a man? I mean to say, how do you identify or define what a man is? We are flesh and blood. Yes. I suppose you can say that. I suppose, also, that you can say we are made up of the same components that make up the earth for is it not true that all that we are physically comes from this planet? But what is the essence. What is the pure form of man, of maleness. And, ladies, please understand I am not leaving you out of my thoughts in terms of creation. I am trying to understand what being a man is. This is a personal quest, to understand, to come to some form of balance in my own mind of what a man is in terms of relationships and activities. Sexuality? Yes. But sexual preferences do not, I think, define what a man is. Nevertheless, it cannot be denied in terms of trying to understand what being a man is. So, the question is there. Care to respond?