Number three in my wandering thoughts.

3. Sometimes our genitals get in the way.

I’ve come to believe that our genitals get in the way. Yes. Think about it for a second. We are a sexual creation. I think about sex. Do you think about sex? Hell yes you think about sex.

I can fieldstrip a woman with my mind in less than a second! Impressive, yes?

I wonder about her nooks and curves, her tastes, scents, her softness, moistness. Yep, I’m curious about her from head to toe and think about places I’d like to go and visit.  And don’t tell me you don’t either if you are man, well….there are some men who prefer men but I prefer women. I like the mystique. The wonder of it all.  Yep. It’s a wonderful thing, a woman.

And you know, sometimes I wonder what is going on in her head when she looks at me. Good lord, is she fieldstripping me too?


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