Number Two in a Series

2. We are surrounded with idiocy.

I own … sorry … we own three dogs. My wife and I, we own three dogs. Or is it that the dogs own us. I’m not sure. When you consider we house them, feed them, walk them, groom them, love them, and talk with them (sometimes argue with them) the question rises as to who owns who?

It is like in life, I think, as to who owns who? Does your employer own you? Does the IRS own you (most likely they think so….recall Ruby Ridge). Does the government own you? And who the hell is the government anyway? It’s people. What’s a corporation? It’s people.

Am I the only one who has ever noted those facts?

And I’ve found that when people get a certain level of “power” they tend to think differently while wearing that “costume” of authority. They become better than you and I. Just look at the TSA workers that make an elderly person strip because they are wearing pads to soak up urine and the pads are a suspicious thing to a TSA worker. Or, TSA again, a child has a name that is on the watch list and they won‘t let the kid on the plane even though it is only six months old. What kind of madness is this?

We are overrun with idiocy.

Again, back to the theme, what is a man? What are we? Why are we? Why do we do harmful things to one another?

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