The Tree Across the Street


Copyright 2012 Gordon L Kuhn All Rights Reserved

February 2, 2012


There’s a tree across the street.

It’s a proud tree!

A standin’ tall tree.

Tall and wide, nothin’, it ain’t got nothin’ shameful to hide.

Limbs spread out before the world, reachin’ for the sky

Leaves bright green. Been greener lately than I ever before had seen.

Roots spread out growing deep in the gritty, rocky soil

Where its toes are tickled by the sand,

As they push their way deeper in the land

Searchin’ for the water lines

To surround and tap a few.

It’s clearly in my view.

This tree is a special tree

And I see it every day.

I stop and stare and marvel at it standing there,

It’s filled with oak tree pride

For seven years, no maybe eight

It’s stood there, across the street

It ain’t bothered nobody.

It’s waving leaves greets me in the mornin’,

And if I wake at night from my snorin’

And go outside, it’s there.

It’s a comfort.

Well, tree trimmers by the owner were called

Who has a grievance ‘bout that ol’ tree what done no wrong to him.

And I do believe they committed a sin

Against that poor ol’ oak tree

For it once was filled with branches and leaves most thick

But as I went outside yesterday

To say hello to my leafy friend

I fell back in startled shock

For that tree,

That glorious old oak tree,

Was liken to a marshmallow stuck upon a stick.

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