Three Ebooks.

Three ebooks available now. The Pelman Murders, The Widow’s Cliff and Other Poems, Rabbit in a Box. Yep, they are there. Cheap but not edible. Next up is The Hanging of the Wolf. Fighting with it. Changing the voice back and forth. Decided to go with down home country where a sack is a poke and if you eat something then you et it. But much harder to do going through and correcting the language to fit. Then comes The Gospel According to Enoch. About a Holy Goat Herder known simply as Enoch The Holy Goats and God’s delinquent older brother who likes wine, women, and song. Holy Goats is assigned to him to keep him out of trouble or….at least….to minimize the damage done on earth during one of his forays into the human landscape. A totally insane look at Heaven and Earth through the eyes of a hapless creature caught up in a heavenly misadventure and little know scandal.

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