Just a note of thanks to all my followers on the blog and also on Poet in the Rain. It is nice to know that when I write something that others are enjoying my work. I try my best to be open and completely honest about what I think and what I write about. There are times that I may be, or sound, controversial. I guess it is just who I am and at 67 years old I doubt I’ll change. Anyway, my passion is in writing and in sharing what I write. So, again, thank you for reading and for following me. You are most welcome here. 🙂

Last evening I spent with a group of writers in Sarasota. We meet every two weeks and share what we are doing. My poem Rivers and Canyons was well received as was The Wino and Me.

Rivers and Canyons is dedicated to a friend of mine who is dying of pancreatic cancer. I am very angry about this because I believe it should have been discovered two years ago as the man has been complaining about a bowel problem all that time. His A1C readings were into the 10 range and his glucose tests were in the 200 – 300 range and his doctor did not want him on insulin and did nothing to have a sonogram of his intestines. Instead, she opted to give  him stool softeners. She told him that insulin was only for those who were severely diabetic.  WHAT???? Where did this woman get her license from? Anyway, I am sure you can all tell I’m pissed and if I run into this lady I will not be too pleasant towards her. My belief is that her incompetence will result in Ed’s death.

So, that’s it for now. A thanks to all my followers and an explanation.

Have a great day.

One response to “Thanks!”

  1. what a very sad thing to hear and I understand your feelings 100% Gordon. Some doctors just seem not to be in it to make their patients well or to try to help them any more, it’s all about handing out placebo’s just to shut them up and hope they’ll go away. I am so sorry about your friend and hope there is something that can be done – I sincerely hope so. xxxxx


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